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Transformer Rectifier
Main Features:

Suitable to use various kinds of reference electrode including zinc electrode, Ag/AgCl electrode, Cu/CuSo4 electrode.
The unit's reliability and stability is significant improved by using all serious of integration & modularization electronic circuit. The updated integration & modularization also simplified the operation and maintenance work of the unit.
By using the high impedance digital meters which enable the unit's input impedance reaches 5M ohm, the unit's potential measurement precision is much improved.
Auto error conversion system can insure the system convert to the preset constant current status at a time of the failure of the cathodic protection system, such as the potential diversification caused by instruments, anodes, circuits, reference electrode, etc.
Overload protection, short protection circuits are configured to insure the safety of the unit. The unit is preinstalled with three sets of surge arrester (8-20 Ms) which on anode & cathodic terminals 40KA, reference electrode terminal 40KA and AC input terminal 40KA respectively, additional surge arresters are optional.
Single circuit board design which provide considerable advantage in repairing and maintenance.

Transformer Rectifier
Transformer Rectifier YX SERIES NATURAL COOLED
Transformer Rectifier YX SERIES OIL COOLED
The power rating of the above mentioned transformer rectifier was optional from 500w to 30Kw.
Schematic Diagram
Transformer Rectifer Schematic
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