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Magnesium Anode
  Mg High Potential Anode
  H-1 Alloy Mg Anode
  Prepackaged Mg anode
Aluminum Anode
Zinc Anode
Zinc Ribbon Anode
Mg Extruded Ribbon Anode
Anode -- Boiler / Water Heater
  Mg / Al Extruded Rod
  Mg Cast Rod
Anodes Impressed Current
Mixed Metal Oxide Anode
  MMO Solid Rod
  MMO Tube Anode
  Tubular Anode String
  MMO Ribbon Anode
  Titanium Conductor Bar
  MMO Mesh Ribbon Anode
  MMO Wire
  MMO Flexible Sock Anode
  Other MMO Anode
High Silicon Cast Iron Anode
  Rod Anode
  Si-Fe Tube Anode
Graphite Anode
Transformer Rectifier
Junction Box / Test Post
CP Wire and Cable
Anode Backfill
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Yuxi Cathodic Protection Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cathodic protection materials in the world. All of our services are focused on providing integrated series of materials such as anodes, backfills, cables, rectifier and other accessories.

It's our principal aim to provide the highest quality of materials and integrity of services, so our customer can focus all of their efforts in the more profitable services such as design, engineering, consulting in the world.

Taking advantage of the advanced technology and low labor cost,YUXI is always able to provide high quality products and integrity customer services backed with the most competative price. Please select us as your honest and reliable partner to save your money and time.

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