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Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

The research of mechanism and application development for electro-active coatings on Titanium was started in early 1980's. Various kinds of multi-elements coatings have been developed. The mixed metal oxide anode has an extremely low consumption rate, measured in terms of milligrams for ampere-year. Whether operating in soil, fresh water, and or sea water, mixed metal oxide coatings demostrate very high chemical stability even in environments with very low PH values.
Yuxi's supply high performance MMO anodes suitable for soil, sea mud, seawater, and fresh water environments. In seawater, the suggested working current density is: 600 A/m2, and in fresh water :100A/m2.

MMO Coating Cross Section MMO Coating Cross Surface
Coating cross section Coating surface
Products Form of MMO Anode
The MMO anode can be in plate/sheet, rod, tube, wire, mesh etc. The dimension can be made according to customer's request.
Following anodes are usually available ex-stock
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