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Welcome to YuXi

Ningbo Yuxi Cathodic Protection Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of CP materials in the world. For over 15years,all of our services are focused on providing integrated series of materials such as anodes,rectifiers, junction boxes,backfills,cables

Products Catalog
Anode-galvanic Anode Impressed Current
Magnesium Anode Magunesium Anode
Mg High Potential Anode
H-1 ALLOY Mg Anode
Prepackaged Mg anode
Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Mixed Metal Oxide Anode
MMO Solid Rod
MMO tube anode
Tubular Anode string
MMO Ribbon Anode
MMO Flexible Sock Anode
Aluminum Anode Aluminum Anode
High Silicon Cast Iron Anode High Silicon Cast Iron Anode
Rod Anode
Si-Fe Tube Anode
Graphite Anode Graphite Anode


Test Laboratory
Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning electron microscope
Energy Spectrun Analysis appratus
Energy spectrum analysis apparatus
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